The BCDS Annual Fund

The Annual Fund support the school’s operating budget, and helps support provides for both our scholarship needs and academic programs. Your gift to the BCDS Annual Fund is crucial to balance the school’s budget and seeks to make our robust blend of Jewish and secular studies available to all Jewish children desiring a day school education. Tuition and scholarship fund revenue do not nearly cover our budgetary needs. Like other private schools, BCDS relies on charitable gifts to fill the gap in our operating budget.

Your contribution to the Annual Fund is a significant because it helps to bridge this very real gap. Every contribution, regardless of size, is needed and will directly assist us to enhance the quality of the educational experience for our students.
Here are but some of the wonderful new initiatives supported by The Annual Fund and spearheaded by our inspiring and talented Head of School, Mrs. Jacqueline Herman:

Experiential Jewish Learning: We have introduced an experiential Jewish learning program in our upper grades which allows students to pursue a text-based curricula or an experiential program based on their personal interests. All middle school students have a choice of electives, such as Jewish philosophy, Jewish cooking, Jewish history and Holocaust studies.

After School Programs: Included in our after school offerings are instruction in Yiddish, Chinese, and Spanish, as well as Wrestling, Fencing, Cross Country and Soccer training.

Drama: This spring, our students will be performing “High School Musical”. Our annual school production is a major extravaganza that gives our students the confidence and tools to perform on stage with joy and without reservation.

Ruach and Rayut Program: Piloting with the ADL taking direct aim at the precursors of negative behaviors, and to prevent the general lack of respect pervasive in schools nationally, we have started the R2, “Ruach & Rayut” (spirit & friendship) program. Now in its second year, this program, using educational modules from the ADL, is providing tools to promote strength of character, kindness and compassion, all woven into the academic curriculum.

Donations to The Annual Fund are made in a variety of ways: