Tray Bien Lunch Program

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Bonjour Fellow BCDS Parents!


Jerusalem Caterers will provide our lunch program this year.  


Enrollment in the lunch program is for the entire school year. 




 Daily lunch will include ample portions of all of the following:


  • Main hot entree
  • Hot side dish
  • Hot Vegetable
  • Soup
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Soy nut butter and jelly
  • Unlimited salad bar (approx. 7-8 items per day)
  • Fresh fruit or dessert 
  • Filtered water is the only beverage offered during lunch  


KASHRUT POLICY & PROTOCOL Attention! Très Important!

Our school adheres to the policies and recommendations of our area Kashrut agency, the Vaad HaKashrut of Fairfield County. Whether you sign up for TRAY BIEN or not, we have put procedures in place to ensure that we adhere to these standards. If your child  brings lunch from home, you must adhere to the following protocols:


*For health reasons, protection of our children with allergies, and Kashrut, please instruct your children to not share food with other students. 


Whether you sign up for TRAY BIEN or not, in order to ensure we ALL adhere to the kashrut standards and expectations of the Vaad HaKashrut of Fairfield County to which we abide, please note the following lunch
food protocols:

  • No meat from home/outside will be allowed.  The only meat products allowed in school will be from our new caterer. Too hard? Au contraire!  Sign up your (child)ren for the “meat days” option (see enrollment form for details).
  • On meat days, if you are not signed up for the lunch program, you may send in kosher-certified dairy or parve food. Kosher parve or dairy meals must be prepared at home. Any prepackaged items sent in to school must have proper kosher certification (see markings below).
  • For a listing of healthy and well-balanced parve lunch ideas, see below.
  • Any combination of dairy or parve snacks are acceptable every day of the school week. All snacks must be kosher-certified based on the kashrut certifications acceptable to the Vaad HaKashrut of Fairfield County as shown below.

The dairy and parve items you send to school must feature one of the following kosher certifications:

Tray Bien - Kosher Marks

If you have any questions about a certified product, feel free to email Rabbi Israel at gro.s1571873289dcb.d1571873289lo@le1571873289arsid1571873289.


For those of you not currently not enrolled in the lunch program’s “meat days”, the list below provides you with some general ideas of healthy options to bring from home including a delicious recipe from one BCDS mom.

  • soy nuggets or other soy products
  • bean salad
  • pasta salad (chopped egg, mayo, veggies)
  • cut up fruits and veggies with soy nut or sunflower seed butter for dipping
  • cold sesame noodles with veggies (tons of easy recipes online!)
  • rice, couscous, orzo, bean or quinoa salad
  • veggie burgers
  • lentil burgers
  • falafel
  • tuna casserole
  • vegetable/bean soup
  • fish sticks
  • potato latkes
  • gazpacho or other cold soup
  • rice cakes
  • salad with dressing on the side-can send in a tortilla as a wrap

Sushi Salad Recipe: An all-in-one meal.

You can make ahead; will taste good for several days. This is easy to adapt to your favorite ingredients:

  • Fake crab (sold in the freezer section at Fairway), cubed
  • Carrot, shredded
  • Cucumber, cubed
  • Avocado (although beware that it may turn brown due to oxidation)
  • Rice (brown rice is healthiest, of course; sushi rice is hard to use for this purpose — it is so sticky that it is hard to mix)
  • Nori seaweed, cut into thin, short strips using kitchen scissors
  • Soy sauce to taste
  • Rice vinegar to taste (add it to the rice after it is cooked)
  • Pickled ginger (chopped) to taste

Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Mix and enjoy.

Variations: Any kind of vegetable (e.g., diced tomatoes or celery, peas, mushrooms — raw, or microwave them a bit)… you can use canned fish (tuna, salmon), caviar or lox — you can make it spicy by adding a dash of hot sauce and some mayonnaise… add fresh herbs like cilantro and/or basil (those taste really yummy with the soy sauce)… squeeze on some lemon or lime if you like that….sprinkle on sesame seeds and/or add a splash of sesame oil.