R2 = Ruach & Rayut

R2 = Ruach & Rayut Logo

R2: Spirit. Relationships. Character. Leadership.

Ruach means “spirit” or “character.” In our case – school spirit and the character of its students, teachers and administrators.

Rayut means “friendship.” It evokes a sense of camaraderie within our school community.

“R-squared” is an algebraic expression that illustrates how two variables affect one another. It refers to how Bi-Cultural students’ values and behavior affect the success of the school and its value to the broader community.

Developed exclusively at Bi-Cultural Day School, R2 is an innovative and dynamic approach that raises the standards of social behavior and cultivates lifelong leadership skills in students.

Education is all about building intelligence and character. Bi-Cultural offers an exceptional education that challenges our children’s minds, their intellect, creativity and analytical skills. Bi-Cultural offers Jewish history and Torah values that complement every element of learning and provide a navigation system for guiding our students as they build their personal identity. R2 takes all the secular skills and Torah knowledge and weaves them into an innovative, dynamic program whose sole purpose is to sharpen life and leadership skills that will provide a valuable advantage for our children throughout their lives.

During the school year, R2 will introduce new areas of focus that will involve:

  • school-wide assemblies to introduce the theme
  • theme discussions with clear references to Torah values
  • specific theme-related skill instruction and practice including a discussion on the merits of each skill
  • teacher/classroom reinforcement via theme-relevant activities, exercises and action-oriented events

The intent of this programming structure is to weave these concepts into everyday learning and capitalize on every day social opportunities to put the acquired skills into action.

Some of the themes that will be addressed during this school year are: respect, manners, being an ally, leadership, school pride and paying it forward.

R2’s bottom-line goal is to help develop more mindful individuals who think before they act, who understand the impact of their words and actions, and who respect the power they wield through the details of their behavior.

As parents we all want them to not just “get by” but to thrive and effect positive change. Most importantly as Jews, we want our students to be confident in who they are and what they can offer the world. The skills our students will learn and hone through R2 will do all that, and more.

Never before has a Jewish Day School made the effort to undertake such a comprehensive leadership development program, further evidence that Bi-Cultural stands not only as a model of exceptional academics, but also as an emotionally intelligent community that builds moral character and positive leadership.