Tuition Assistance

We recognize that paying for a day school education can be challenging and we want to help families meet that challenge. Bi-Cultural Day School is committed to educating Jewish children regardless of a family’s ability to pay the full cost of tuition. The application details the required information you should gather and have available as you enter information into the financial assistance application. Once your application is complete, Bi-Cultural Day School’s Financial Assistance Committee will review the family financial information provided by you and then determine a financial assistance award. Bi-Cultural Day School provides financial assistance on the basis of demonstrated financial need and availability of funds without regard to race, ethnic origin, or disability. All application forms, tax information, and other related paperwork is held in the strictest confidence. We feel that the success of our financial aid program depends on the confidentiality of financial information.


The needs of many of our families vary from year to year depending on their individual circumstances. If you believe your family will need scholarship consideration for the 2018-19 school year, please complete the School Application Form with Application Fee and return to our Director of Finance, Jeffrey Peterson as soon as possible. Please submit the following forms to

Please submit your 2017 tax return (or 2016 if unavailable, along with your 2016 W-2’s).  If needed, we will request your 2017 completed tax forms later in the process.

It is most important that all the information required by the Princeton (SSS) group be submitted promptly.

Please note that scholarship applications will only be reviewed after the application and the application fee for 2018-19 are received.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jeffrey Peterson, Director of Finance at gro.s1544707384dcb@n1544707384osret1544707384epj1544707384 or call (203) 329-2186 Ext. 1303.

Thank you for your timely cooperation.