1. What if I am not Orthodox?
Children come from every background of Jewish life.  At Bi-Cultural Day School we are taught to embrace K’lal Yisrael (“All of Israel”) and celebrate the diversity of our community.

2. What if I don’t speak Hebrew, can my child attend?
Absolutely!  We teach Ivrit b’ Ivrit (Hebrew in Hebrew) which gives all children the foundation of dual language success.  Our Hebrew program is designed with an overarching goal of Hebrew fluency by graduation.  Our 8th grade children demonstrate their proficiency in Hebrew during the month long trip to Israel.

3. How will my child get to school? Are there buses?
Buses are provided by Stamford and certain areas of New York.  Bi-Cultural Day School provides busing to Norwalk, Westport and Fairfield.

4. What if my child has a nut allergy?
We are a nut aware school and parents can purchase the kosher, nut-free lunch at school.  You can send a kosher pareve or dairy lunch.  We are vigilante about ensuring the safety of all our students.

5. How much “play” is in kindergarten?
We believe that children learn best by engaging in an interactive, hands on education.  Our kindergarten program is designed to foster critical thinking through song, dance, story and drama.  Our early childhood playground is right outside the kindergarten rooms.  There is never a lack of joy in our kindergarten!

6. What is the dress code?
Pre-K through third grade children dress in appropriate clothing that does not contain profanity, logos or advertise products.  All boys wear kippot.  Boys in fourth through eighth grade wear a collared shirt and slacks.  Girls wear knee length skirts or dresses and shirts/tops with sleeves of at least short sleeve length. For a full description of the dress code please click on this link.

7. What if my child needs additional support or enrichment?
BCDS boasts a very comprehensive resource and enrichment program.  The Director of Student Support Services designs individualized programs to meet the needs of each child.