Physical Education

The physical education department at Bi-Cultural Day School is focused on sportsmanship, teamwork, the development of basic skills, and good exercise habits.

In both physical education classes and after school athletics, the aim is to provide a fun, exciting environment in an effort to produce healthy, fit children with strong athletic skills and the ability to understand and play sports, as well as participate in other physical activities.

Specific goals of the curriculum include:

  • To improve physical coordination in order to participate in team sports, activities, and games
  • To develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline
  • To learn how to win and lose with good sportsmanship
  • To instill the value of lifetime activity in maintaining physical and mental health
  • To reinforce the traditional Bi-Cultural values of working as a team, developing the spirit of the community, and respecting others

For younger students, the BCDS physical education program focuses on basic ball and motor skills, while introducing sports such as soccer, basketball, football, tennis, baseball, and bowling.  Personal space and body management are emphasized.  Middle school students play team sports such as soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, handball and ultimate Frisbee, as well as individual sports such as tennis and badminton.  For all ages, Bi-Cultural incorporates tag games, fitness exercises, and yoga poses.