Middle School

Unique and exciting opportunities for learning are the hallmarks of the secular studies program at Bi-Cultural Day School.  Teachers and administrators strive to make the learning experience come to life for students in meaningful ways that make lasting connections between classroom lessons and the world in which we live.

Inspired by Torah and enriched by Jewish values, Bi-Cultural Day School provides a Jewish Studies program that resonates with energy and enthusiasm, creating students who are imbued with a love of Jewish learning, pride in their heritage, and a deep and abiding connection with Israel.

Jewish values frame the experience for every student at Bi-Cultural.  The school’s vibrant Chesed Program engages our children in Jewish values on a daily basis, encouraging them to reach out through acts of kindness to their friends, school community, Israel and beyond.  Derech eretz (proper behavior), midot (values) and tikkun olam (improving the world) are prominent themes throughout a child’s years at the school.

Welcoming children from all Jewish backgrounds, Bi-Cultural and its innovative curriculum immerses students in Hebrew language, fosters critical thinking through rigorous textual analysis and discussion, incorporates active and experiential learning, and creates a depth of Jewish knowledge to last a lifetime. In the Shemah (Deuteronomy, 6-7) it states — “And thou shall teach them thoroughly.”  Our sages explain that when our children learn, they need to internalize their lessons.  This is our goal and we accomplish it through differentiated instruction, creating a learning environment best-suited to students’ individual characteristics and learning styles.


About our Associate Principal, Judaic Studies Mrs. Michal Smart

Bi-Cultural Day School’s prestigious Judaic Studies department and its innovative programs are thriving under the leadership of Mrs. Michal Smart. Mrs. Smart holds degrees in religion from both Princeton University and Cornell University and is a graduate of the Wexner Fellowship Program. A Fulbright Scholar in Jewish Thought, she also was a fellow in the Melton Senior Educators Program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Mrs. Smart has an extensive background as an educator and an administrator. She’s been at the forefront of Jewish outdoor and environmental education, serving as Executive Director of Camp Isabella Freedman and as Director of Education of the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life. A founder of the TEVA Learning Center, an award-winning program that integrates Jewish education, community building and ecological sustainability, co-authored of Spirit in Nature: Teaching Judaism and Ecology on the Trail and most recently published (with Barbara Ashkenas) “Kaddish Women’s Voices”.