Elementary School Secular Studies

1-Rachel Haron Head shot 2The Talmud teaches us that “each child brings his or her own blessing into the world.”  At the heart of the Bi-Cultural philosophy is our commitment to educating the “whole child” and nurturing the development of the whole person. Our collaborative classroom model fosters a respectful atmosphere enabling students to explore new ideas and become confident risk takers. Whether athletic or artistic, musical or social, intellectual or any combination of the above, our secular studies staff is deeply committed to finding the “just-right” way to capture a child’s imagination and to cultivate each child’s special gifts.

A Balanced Curriculum

At Bi-Cultural, the curriculum in every subject is carefully crafted and systematically reviewed to incorporate progressive teaching methods and new ideas.  Cross-curricular units of study and coordination among academic areas enable enriched learning opportunities and deeper learning experiences.  STEM instruction, for instance, combines science, technology, engineering and math concepts that stimulate thinking and discovery, and that lay the foundation for future academic and professional interests.  Likewise, Bi-Cultural’s emphasis on literacy and literature delights and engages young minds.  Students explore Social Studies through the lens of authentic learning experiences and gain a rich understanding of both the importance and relevance of history, geography, economics and civics.  Science is alive at Bi-Cultural, with hands-on experiments that stimulate thinking, a state-of-the-art science lab packed with plants and living critters that children love to explore, and process-oriented projects in which children study the scientific method and the foundation of experimental design.  Our library provides an atmosphere of warmth and invites curious young people to grow in their individual paths towards independence. The vibrant and well-equipped art room is a scene of joyful expression, interaction with various artistic mediums and development of new interests and abilities.  Music reverberates throughout the entire building and Physical Education develops student self- confidence, skill and spirit by instilling values of teamwork and respect.

Experiential Learning Within and Beyond the Classroom

Experiences within and beyond the classroom abound at Bi-Cultural.  Guest speakers and performers frequent our classrooms and stage.  Outdoor learning centers that bridge theory and practice bring classroom concepts to life.   Visiting the local food pantry enables our youngsters to appreciate the blessing of nourishment and performing for our seniors inspires joy and meaningful connectivity in our community.  Bi-Cultural students tour the Connecticut State Capitol, travel to historic Philadelphia and take a seat at our nation’s government in Washington, DC!  Our field trips tap into diverse modalities and provide opportunities for students to engage intellectually, creatively, emotionally, socially and physically in the learning process, forming friendships that last a lifetime.

Our Commitment to Student Improvement

In a Bi-Cultural classroom, every child’s progress is closely monitored to ensure continued growth and improvement.  In all subject areas, numerous formal, informal and performance- based assessments are administered throughout the school year and utilized to inform each student’s educational program.  Our child study process pulls together integrated teams of teachers and specialists (literacy, speech and language, occupational therapy, psychologist) to design individualized education programs for students who benefit from instructional support or enrichment.  Our small classes facilitate a highly individualized and differentiated learning environment enabling young minds to stretch, grow and flourish.

Learning Lab

At Bi-Cultural, our comprehensive and systematic approach encourages students to work through a process of inquiry, investigation and integration.  Tapping into students individual interests, our youngsters learn how to develop questions, make observations, gather evidence and conduct research as they connect, analyze and interpret real-world concepts.  Our classrooms are rich in curricular content that is meaningful for students because it is rooted in overarching essential questions, coupled with differentiated learning environments where a wealth of specific and targeted instructional approaches are offered to meet a variety of student needs across the academic spectrum. A well-rounded and integrated curriculum motivates Bi-Cultural students and encourages them to become stakeholders in their education.

Curiosity and creativity are celebrated at Bi-Cultural!  Peek into middle school to watch a rendition of “Romeo and Juliet,” or experience the “Invention Convention” technology expo as students blend science with imagination presenting original, home-grown science designs.  “Read All About It” in the BCDS Times, our student run online newspaper, and join the Student Council to map new initiatives for our student body.  Relish a publishing party, design a map of your room or refine critical thinking skills with a game of chess.  Our homegrown “math-e-magical” week of age-appropriate learning experiences garners exponential excitement throughout the building as students work with hands-on manipulatives, enjoy a variety of stimulating challenges and apply real-life math applications.

A Staff and Philosophy That Help Every Student Grow

Embedded in the instructional fabric of Bi-Cultural Day School is a staff dedicated to nourishing, molding and shaping the character of our students.  Modeling kindness, enthusiasm and optimism serves as a vehicle for youngsters to grasp challenging concepts and navigate a multitude of learning experiences. There is a Hebrew Proverb that states, “A child is not a vessel to be filled, but a lamp to be lit.”  We pride ourselves on the quality of our secular staff and their passionate abilities to ignite our children and inspire them to soar to new heights.  It is within this firm foundation that our students are able to become successes in our classrooms, our communities and imprint a positive impact on our world.


Rachel Haron

Associate Principal, General Studies