The art program at Bi-Cultural Day School is based upon the Principles of Art and Design.  The program goals are to provide an enjoyable experience in the art room, awaken each student’s creativity and instill an appreciation for art.  Students are exposed to all types of media: pencils, colored pencils, crayons, pastels, craypas, markers, paints, printing inks, and clay, learning to utilize each material for specific functions.

At the elementary level, the curriculum integrates classroom content to provide a new dimension to material being learned in class.  Some units of study include:

  • Native American Culture:  Native American line design and clay canoes
  • Immigration: Paper mache immigrant dolls
  • Ancient Civilizations: Wall sketches based on depictions from the caves of Lascauz, France
  • Jewish Holidays: Ceramic apple plates and “frog” salt water dipping bowls
  • Preserving Memories: Eighth grade tile wall

In middle school, students are introduced to a variety of artistic genres.  They study techniques such as shading, contour, perspective and observation and create works of artistic expression designed to foster delight, introspection and growth in design and skill.  Technology is woven into lessons and students learn how to critique art in a thoughtful and productive manner.

Bi-Cultural students enjoy visiting area museums to enhance their study of art.  These real world trips expose our students to the works of varied artists and help synthesize process ideas presented in art class.  Each Spring, Bi-Cultural blossoms into a living art gallery!  The hallways buzz with the voices of our student masterpieces inspired by Mondrian, Van Gogh, Serault, O’Keefe, Picasso and more.  By the end of grade 8, our students have studied ten artists.

Each year, several grades enter art contests and Bi-Cultural students have placed as winners many times over. Numerous Bi-Cultural students have gone on to become artists, graphic designers and photographers. All Bi-Cultural students leave the program with a knowledge base for the continued love of creating and appreciating art.