Greetings from the Dean

 .עם אחד – כלל ישראל. קהילה אחת. משפחה אחת

We are one people. We are one community. We are a family.


These are the principles that underlie the education and values our students receive at Bi-Cultural Day School.

עם אחד We are one people.
Klal Yisrael – the unity of the Jewish People – is central to the everyday life of our school.  The Torah, our tradition, and our common history and destiny are the source of this unity.  We believe in educating all of our students to be proud, self-confident and literate Jews who respect one another regardless of differences in opinion and lifestyle at home.  We teach students a strong sense of connection and responsibility to Jews in Israel and all over the world.  A student graduating BCDS will have the education and values which will allow him or her to be an active educated leader in any stream or Jewish organization, be it in the United States, Israel or elsewhere.

קהילה אחת – We are one community.
Although we may lead varied lifestyles at home, at Bi-Cultural Day School we live in unison, guided by Modern Orthodoxy while simultaneously teaching deep respect for the choices families make in their homes.  This allows us to create an umbrella with active Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and unaffiliated Jews.  We serve Jewish communities throughout Fairfield and Westchester counties, overcoming distance to create unity.  To foster vibrant and meaningful Jewish life in our area, we collaborate with synagogues, Jewish Federations, Jewish Community Centers and Jewish Family Services.

משפחה – We are a family.
We – our students and our parents, grandparents and special friends – learn together, strengthen our school together, play together and enjoy each other’s company.  In difficult times, we support and care for each other.  There is a feeling of warmth that pervades our school and translates into deep friendships among students and their families.  It is a sense of belonging that makes BCDS so much more than just a school.